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More Friends and Neighbors, 1946-47
Dick and Jane Books
2nd Grade - 2nd Half

A very nice copy of a charming 2nd grade Dick and Jane book.

Great stories with the characters, Dick and Jane, Molly, Bobby, Nancy, Peter, Joe, Penny and Tom.  Stories like Sleepy Sam, Three Billy Goats Gruff, Mrs Goose Forgets, Little Mouse Dances, and many more all listed below.

Charmingly illustrated by two very well-known Dick and Jane illustrators, Ellen B. Segner and Keith Ward.  This book follows the first semester book, Friends and Neighbors and contains 327 new words throughout the stories. A wonderful and very charming book. 


Oak Hill Neighbors
Fun in the Snow
Fun on the Ice
As Good As New
The Surprise Valentines
Bobby's New Shoes
The Detour
Molly's Surprise
Which Circus?
The Longest Way Around

New Animal Friends
Sleepy Sam
Who Likes a Party?
The Magic Word
The Kitten Who Worked
The Squirrel's Policeman
The Woodpecker's Bank
How the Wren Family Moved
How Skip Found Joe

New Story Book Friends
Mrs. Goose Forgets
The Rabbit Who Wanted Wings
The Little Old Woman's New Hat
Little Mouse Dances
The Little Engine
The Pig and His Garden
The White Easter Rabbit
The Woman Who Used Her Head

Our Friends at Work
Aunt Susan's Clock
Billy Works, Too
Molly Plays a Joke
Tommy's Pumpkin
David Helps Thresh
The Errand Girl
The New Icebox
The Birthday Present

Old Story Book Friends
Why the Bear Has a Short Tail
The Turtle Who Couldn't Stop Talking
The Man Who Kept House
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
The First Woodpecker
The Animals Who Made a Home

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