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More Dick and jane Stories, 1934
Dick and Jane Books
Pre- Primer

More Dick and Jane Stories is a rarer early Pre-Primer by William H. Elson and William S. Gray.   Adorable and very vintage, with charming water color illustrations by well-known artist  L. Kate Deal.

In this original 1934 Pre-Primer, Sally was not named yet, and was referred to as Baby, Spot was a Terrier being changed later to a Cocker Spaniel, and Puff was named Little Mew.  Stories include, Mother & Father, and Grandmother & Grandfather, Little Rabbit,.and very charming vintage water color illustrations.  This Pre-Primer uses a total of 80, with 12 being new words. A rare & charming piece of history, a wonderful addition to a Dick and Jane collection

Stories & Condition

Dick and Jane and Baby
Little Mew and the Ball
Spot and Little Rabbit
Mother Makes Candy
Spot and the Cookies
Baby and Little Mew
Fun for Baby
Grandmother and Grandfather
What Baby Saw
Where is Baby?

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