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Growth in Reading
Language, Literature, and Life
1938, First Printing #389-1 - William S. Gray

A Basic Course in Reading for the Seventh, Eight, and Ninth Years.  Very charming black and white illustrations throughout, many full-page.

Book includes contents, glossary, acknowledgments and note to teachers. A wonderful reading book, authored by a fascinating man, William S. Gray, Director of the Dick and Jane series.  Many neat stories and poems that cover Past Times, Nature Adventures, Seeing the World, Modern Wonderfs, Early Americans, and Our America. 

Many, many stories - Stories like: Polka-Dot Dress, A Pet Show, Johnny Boy, Coin Collecting, Indians and Arrow-Heads, Guard Your Man, Tally-Ho, Tony's Hobby, Slim Makes the Breaks, Giant Man of the Forest, The Eagle, An Idyl, The Leaf-Cutting Bee, Bobby and Betty in New York, Ola and the Wooden Tub, The Fairy Ring, and many more. 

VERY GOOD CONDITION - Covers are very nice, square corners with light rubbing. No names, no stamps. The pages are very nice, bright and clean, no markings or writing. Last index page bottom corner folded during printing and minor printing flaw. A very charming book, with excellent stories.

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