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The Girl Next Door ~ Teacher's Edition
Dick and Jane Series ~ 1948 Edition
Health and Personal Development / Book 4

A very nice copy and a rare Teacher's Edition, with both the guidebook and the student school book. 

The Guidebook is to the front with 96 pages, and the students book is complete with 256 pages.  With Sally, Dick and Jane's friends; Susan, Ellen, Nancy, Bill, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Foster, Jack, Grandfather, and others. Excellent stories focusing on the health and personal development of the child.  A rare book that is an excellent addition to a Dick and Jane collection.

Very rare in the Teacher's Edition.  Includes a vintage bookmark found in the book

Stories & Condition

Driftwood Lane

The New Family
The Old Gray House Must Go
Safe Places to Play
Playing Safely
Health Officers
Who Did It?
How Fires Get Started
Moving In
How Do These Help Us?
Where Is the New Girl?
Playing Outdoors
The Lemonade Stand
How Germs Are Spread
Which Place is Cleaner?
The Mothers Make a Call
The Safe Thing to Do
The Children Make a Call
What Can the Children Do?
Doctor Williams Helps
Foods You Need
Susan Laughs

The Foster Family
A Hobby for Susan
What Happened to Nancy?
Dog Bites
Going to See the Doctor
A Surprise for Bill
Good Health Habits
Saturday at eh Fosters
Clean Homes
Off to School
Safety Rules
Fun for Everyone
Which Should You Say?
Ellen Finds Out
The Mystery Club
Take Care of Your Teeth
More About Your Teeth
The Mohters Go to Work
Food for the Teeth
A Big Day for Susan

The Doctor's Family
Jack and His Experiment
Your Height and Weight
"Doctor Jack"
Your Eyes
Take Care of Your Eyes
How Your Body Helps Itself
What Nancy Learned
How You Look Inside
Strong, Straight Bodies
"Muscles and Cream"
Building Strong Muscles
"Hide the Bean"
Your Ears
Taking Care of Your Ears
Another Experiment
Getting Enough Sleep
One More Experiment
Buying Your Clothes
Clothes That Fit the Weather
A Surprise for Jack

The Hunt Family
Mr. Hunt Thinks of Something
Safe Places to Swim
Everyone Is Busy
Why Don't the Children PLay?
Time to Rest
Working Safely
Two Surprises
The Girls Go Shopping
Keeping Safe
The Schick Test
Safe from Disease
New Workmen Come
Waiting for Saturday

VERY GOOD CONDITION ~ Covers are very good, with light fading, and rubbing to corners. Small school stamp inside front cover, no names, no writing. Charming vintage bookmark left inside the book. Nostalgic teacher notes in pencil to students text along margins. Pages are very good and bright, no scribbles and no page tears found. No missing pages and no storage odors. Binding is very good and strong. Illustrations are bright and vivid. A charming collectible vintage copy, wonderfully illustrated vintage book.

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