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Fun with Dick and Jane, 1940

Dick and Jane ~ 1st Printing!!
Very Rare Teacher's Edition
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An adorable very rare vintage Dick and Jane 1st Grade book - Fun with Dick and Jane, the Primer for the 1940's. This awesome and very rare book is also the Teacher's Edition Guidebook for the Primer containing 190 pages of wonderful story information, all in the front half with the child's book in the back half of the book.  A real treasure to add to any Dick and Jane collection.  Fun with Dick and Jane was designed to fit the very early reading needs of children who were ready to learn sentences - during the 1st semester of first grade. With 160 story pages filled with charming stories & watercolor 1940's illustrations. Beautifully illustrated on each page by well-known artists Eleanor Campbell and Keith Ward

This teacher's book is even more rare as it is a 1st Printing, indicated by the number 409.1

Stories & Condition

Family Fun
See it Go
Something for Sally
Do What I Do
Father Helps the Family
Sally Makes Something
Sally Wants to Play
Jane Helps
A Funny Ride

Fun at the Farm
At the Farm
The Pony
Dick and the Hen
A Family in the Barn
A Big, Big Dog
Puff Wants to Play
Funny Cookies
Two Pets

Pets and Toys
Fun for Little Quack
Little Rabbit
The Big Blue Ball
In and Out
The New Toy
The Toy Farm
Jane Wants a Doll
who Can Talk?

Fun with Our Friends
Sally Finds Friends
Who Can Find It?
The Funny House
A Ride with Mother
What Sally Saw
Fun at School
Pets at School

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are still very nice and clean. A very nostalgic copy, this is a very rare Dick and Jane book. A 1st printing of 1940, the ends have very light rubbing, no fray, the corners are nice and square. Miss Braidwood wrote her name neatly in pencil to the first blank page, no other ownership markings and no school stamps. The pages are clean and bright with an occasional small penciled notation by Miss Braidwood. A bit of foxing to inside of the covers, no page tears, no missing pages. Illustrations are bright with vivid colors. No missing pages. No scribbles and no crayon to pages. Binding is very good. A very rare collectible copy!

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