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Friends and Neighbors, 1941
Dick and Jane Books
2nd Grade - 1st Half

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Charming stories with the characters, Sally, Dick and Jane, Uncle Zeke, Jill and Ann, Billy, Joe, Jack, Peter, Tom, Mrs. Hill, .  Stories are all listed below.

Charmingly illustrated by two very well-known Dick and Jane illustrators, Ellen B. Segner and Keith Ward.  This book follows the second semester 1st grade book, Our New Friends, and contains 236 new words throughout the stories. A wonderful and very charming book. 

Story List & Condition

Up and Down Pleasant Street
A New Game
The Surprise Train
Mrs. Hill's Birthday
Ellen's Wish
Two Neighbors
Going to the City
A Funny Telephone
A Pocket Full of Pennies
A Good Day
The Good-By Party

Animal Friends
The Pet Crow
Billy Calf Runs Away
The Strings That Flew Away
Jim's Little Chicken
Baby Elephant
Finding a Pet
Halloween Fun

New Story Book Friends
LIttle Rooster and the Sun
Baby Rabbit's Name
Little Bear and the Honey
A Pie for Billy Goat
The Candy Tree
Bunny Rabbit Makes a Home
Little Bear's Wish
The Circus Parade
Mrs. Goose Has a Party

Work on Pleasant Street
The Big Surprise
The Biggest Apple
The Potato Man
Who Cleaned the Walk?
The Christmas Tree
Zeke and the Birds
How Johnny Helped
I Won't Forget
The Big Shovel

Old Story Book Friends
The Boy and His Goats
The Three Little Pigs
Johnny Cake
The Wonderful Porridge Pot
City Mouse and Country Mouse
The Silly Little Rabbit

VERY GOOD CONDITION -The covers are very nice, bright and clean, with very light rubbing to edges and corners. No fraying to cover. Binding is very good and strong. No school stamps, and no names, 92 cents written in pencil to first blank page. Pages are nice, bright and show light use. No page tears found, no missing pages, and only an occasional and very light stray pencil mark found, no scribbles. No smells, no molds, no scribbling to pages, and no missing pages. Colors are vivid. A very charming and nostalgic copy.

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