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Elson-Runkel Primer
1914 Pre-Dick and Jane Series
Rare 1st primer

Wonderful stories in this very vintage Primer. Stories designed to retain the interest of children, enticing them to read. 

Stories like; Spot's Kittens, Alice and Her Kitten, The White Dove, Little Boy Blue, Little Bo-Peep, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Piggy Wig's House, Ned Visit's Grandmother, What Brown Pussy Saw, Who Likes North Wind?, Alice and the Bird, Dark Pony, and many more all listed below. 

Adorable illustrations and stories, one that is more rare & very collectible.  A nostalgic part of history and the beginning of Dick and Jane.


Animals and Birds
The Cat's Dinner
Spot's Kittens
Alice and Her Kitten
What Was in the Nest?
The White Dove
The Jay and the Dove
Little Boy Blue
Little Bo-Peep
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
The Pig's Dinner
Piggy Wig's House
The Little Pig
Little Rabbit
Jack Rabbit's Visit
Bobbie Squirrel's Tail
Ned Visits Grandmother

Nature Little Owl
What Brown Pussy Saw
The Brook
The Windmill
Who Likes North Wind?

Festivals How Patty Gave Thanks
The Little Christmas Tree
Our Flag
The Easter Rabbit
In the Barn-Yard

Slumberland Alice and the Bird
Dark Pony

The Alphabet
Word List

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