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Elson Basic Readers - Primer 1930
Dick and Jane
Rare 1st Dick and Jane book

A gorgeous 1st Edition of the Elson Basic Readers Primer. One of the very cute stories in this Primer that is about very well remembered little dog, Happy, was originally published in the book "Charlie and His Puppy Bingo" in 1927. Other stories are authored by Dorothy Baruch, Miriam Clark Potter, Gertrude Smith, Nancy Byrd Turner, Jessie Lathrop, and Caroline Emerson's, The Merry-Go-Round. A rare & gorgeous book, a nostalgic part of history and the beginning of Dick and Jane.

Stories & Condition

The Birthday,
by Nancy Turner
Happy Runs Away,
by Hill & Maxwell
Nancy and the Basket,
by Jane L. Hoxie
Spot and the Red Ball,
by Clara G. Dennis
Billy Helps Nancy,
by Hill & Maxwell
Ned and the Grandmother,
by Marion Wathen

Play Time The Old, Old Doll,
by Jessie Lathrop
The Sand-Box,
by Dorothy Baruch
Patty and Her Penny,
by Miriam C. Potter
Alice and Her Mother,
a Folk Tale

Birds and Animals Billy and the Nuts,
by Edna P. Brett
Little Rabbit,
by Clara G. Dennis
A Home in the Tree,
Boston Kg. Stories
The Snow Picnic,
by James Deehan
Bobby and the Apples,
by Kate W. Patch

Happy Day Stories How Patty Said Thank You,
Emilie Poulsson
The Little Christmas Tree,
by Mary McDowell
Red Hen and the Valentine,
by Eleanor F. Pease
The Easter Surprise,
by Frances M. Fox

Once-Upon-a-Time-Stories Dinner in the Garden
The Merry-Go-Round,
Caroline Emerson
The Very Big Basket,
by Elsie Parrish
Dark Pony,
a Folk Tale

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very nice with very square corners, no real wear showing. Binding is very good, no flaws. Small school stamp on illustrated first free end paper, no names. Pages are very good and very bright, with a hint of use showing. No scribbling or writing to pages. Two small page tears. The pages and illustrations are very bright. No marks, no smells, and no scribbling. Colors are vivid. A gorgeous, very charming and nostalgic vintage copy, an excellent book for collecting, reminiscing and home school.

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