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The Elson Pupil's Hand Chart, 1921
Dick and Jane Books
Very First Pre- Primer

The Elson Pupil's Hand Chart is a rare early Pre-Primer by William H. Elson. Adorable and very vintage, with charming water color illustrations by L. Kate Deal.

Adorable stories, children, animals, and illustrations throughout. A rare piece of memorabilia for those who love original beginning readers.

5 x 7-1/2 inches with 32 pages, vintage stitched binding. A rare charming piece of history, a wonderful addition to a Dick and Jane collection.

Stories & Condition

The Family
*Action Lesson*
(For Silent Reading)
The Little Bird
*Action Lesson*
(For Silent Reading)
The Bird House
One, Two, Three
The Bird's Nest
The Little Red Hen
*Action Lesson*
(For Silent Reading)
Silent Reading Lesson
The Good Rain
The Cat and the Mouse
The Three Rabbits

VERY GOOD CONDITION: The covers are nice and bright, light creasing to bottom corner of the front cover. One name neatly written to the front cover, Jimmy. Original tape binding is excellent with no splitting. Original stitching is very good, bottom inch center of book stitch has loosened - shown in 2nd to last photo. No page writing, no scribbles, no stamps. Pages are bright, free of writing, no scribbles, small eighth of an inch tear at page edges, uniform to every page, one page has a quarter-inch tear at page edge. Colors are very vivid. A gorgeous very collectible and very nostalgic vintage copy.

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