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Elson-Gray Basic Readers -1936
Sally Dick and Jane Series
book Three

A nostalgic and very vintage reader, a wonderful part of history, and the beginning of Dick and Jane.

Wonderfully illustrated by L. Kate Deal. Charming stories by well-known authors like, Miriam C. Potter, Grimm, Samuel Harper, Patten Beard, Frances J. Farnsworth, Rebecca B. Foresman, Anna Bird Stewart, Annette Wynne, H. Escott-Inman, and many others.

Story List & Condition

Part One
Good Stories From EveryWhere

Off to Story-Land!
A Ride to Animal-Town
Tippy Elephant's Hat
The Princess Who Could Not Cry
The Simpleton
A Backward Look

Part Two
Out of Doors

Our Outdoor Friends
the Squirrel's Policeman
How Ethan Found a Pet
The Swallows Learn a Lesson
How Buzzy Saved the Beehive
Brother Green-Coat
The Spring
The Food Factory
The Snow Man
A Backward Look

Part Three
Old Tales

In Make-Believe Land
The Princess Who Never Laughed
Brother Fox's Tar Baby
The Golden Pears
Why the Rabbit's Tail is Short
Hans and the Four Great Giants
A Backward Look

Part Four
Big and Little Workers

Workers Everywhere
Three Hundred Years Ago
The Luck Boy of Toy Valley
The Wonderful Gardener
The Holiday
The Milkman
The Valentine's Journey
The Postman
In Reindeer Land
A Backward Look

Part Five
Fairy Tales

The Land of STrange Happenings
The Magic Cottage
The Brownie of Blednock
The Sleeping Beauty
The Fairy Shoes
A Backward Look

Part Six
Our Holidays

The Thanksgiving Loaves
A Thanksgiving Fable
Gretchen's Surprise
Paddy's Christmas
A Little Lad of Long Ago
Why Jimmie Missed the Parade
Flag, Our Flag
A Backward Look

Part Seven
Hero Stories

Brave and Wise Deeds
Joseph, the Ruler
David, the Singer
Saint George and the Dragon
Columbus and His Son, Diego
Christopher Columbus
The Boy, the Bees, and the British
Jacques, a Red Cross Dog
A Backward Look

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GOOD READING CONDITION - The covers are good with wear to corners to boards, as shown in photos. Binding it good and strong. Card packet removed front cover, leaving some paper damage inside front cover no names found. Pages are clean and still bright, page 19/20 previously repaired at binding, all other pages are nice. Illustrations are bright. No smells and no molds. Colors are vivid. A very nostalgic and charming vintage copy, great for reminiscing and home school.

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