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Elson Basic Readers - Book One 1930
Dick and Jane
Rare 1st Dick and Jane series book

Salesman Sample of The Elson Basic Readers Book One, very cute stories in this book that are well remembered, and well loved.  Stories such as; Bunny Boy, The Wind and the Toys, Little Bear and the Honey, Little Duck Says Quack, Carlo (the collie) and the Big Bird, The Boy and His Goats, Paddy Bear, The Lambkin, Johnny-Cake, and many more all listed to the left and charmingly illustrated by well-known artist, Keith Ward.

This is an early Dick and Jane series book by well known Dick and Jane authors, William Gray and William Elson.  A scarce & very charming vintage book, a nostalgic beginning of Dick and Jane.

Stories & Condition

Pets, Toys, and Play
The Toy Elephant, by Esther M. Ames
Bunny Boy, by Edna Whiteman
Fun in the Snow, by Mark Francis
Fun in the Sun, by Gertrude Smith
My See-Saw, by Rowena B. Bennett
The Wind and the Toys, by Maizie Barney

Animal and Birds
Bunny Plays a Trick, by Clara G. Dennis
A Surprise for Bobby, by Carolyn S. Bailey
The Bluejay Tree, by Madge A. Bigham
Little Bear and the Honey, by Anne Gage
The Circus Elephant, by Beatricke H. Oxley
Little Duck Says Quack, by Marjorie M. La Fleur

Just For Fun
Carlo and the Big Bird, by Mary W. Thompson
Mother Pig's Joke, by Lorena Baker
The Gum-Drop Tree, by Alice C. Dunn
The Little Rooster, by Charles B. Loomis
The Boy and His Goats, a Norse Tale

Little Workers
The Little Errand Girl, by Joyce L. Brisley
A Surprise for Mother, by Eilene Odell
Billy Goes to School, by Anne Gage
The Busy Bees, by Gertrude Crampton
Paddy Bear, by Helen A. Monsell

Old Tales
The Lambkin, a Tale from India
Johnny-Cake, an English Tale
Sweet Porridge, a Folk Tale
The Billy Goats Gruff, a Norse Tale
The Little Red Hen, an Old Tale

Happy Day Stories
A Glad Thanksgiving, by Frances M. Fox
The Christmas Fairy, by Edna V. Riddleberger
The Old Flag, by Carolyn S. Bailey
Our Flag, by Eleanore Hatch
The White Easter Bunny, by Dorothy Baruch
Easter Time, by Rowena B. Bennett

GOOD+ CONDITION - The covers are very good with light corner fray. Binding is very good and strong. School stamp first blank page. Pages are good and bright with about 8 having light pink clear paintings done by a child, shown in photos, all other pages are in good condtion. First story page torn at binding, also shown in photos, most pages clean with a few having soil spots and a few small tears near binding, NO large tears. No missing pages. A few stray and very light pencil marks. Colors to the illustrations are very bright. No smells or molds. A very charming and nostalgic vintage copy, wonderful book for reminiscing and home school.

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