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The Elson Foundation Unit
Pre Dick and Jane
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for Several Weeks Work
The Ultimate Dick and Jane Storybook Collection

Excellent condition, like new, no flaws

"Reading for
from the Very First Day"

A super rare vintage advertising brochure given to schools back in the mid 1920's to encourage the schools to introduce this very successful reading series.  Super rare historical memorabilia, this two-sided brochure describes the layout and pricing for the 1920's Preliminary through the 1st grade Primer books within the very popular Elson Foundation Unit.

Describes each of the following Preliminary books;  Pupil's Hand Chart, Hand Chart Course-of-Study Manual, Hand Chart Word and Phrase Cards (Flash Cards), Hand Chart Silent Reading Seat Work Cards, Hand Chart Action Sentence Cards, Hand Chart Picture Cards, and the large Wall Chart (which later was referred to as "Our Big Book").

One feature of the Elson Reading Program, it offered children four readers for the first grade, without a single duplicated story.  This included; The Elson Readers Primer and Book One; Child-Library Readers, Primer and Book One. 

"One hundred thirty different first grade stories for less than 2 cents each."

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