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Elson Basic Readers - Book One 1927
Dick and Jane
Rare 1st Dick and Jane series book

With Baby Ray stories. A 1st Edition of the Elson Basic Readers Book One. Very cute stories in this book.  The Go-to-Sleep Story is about Baby Ray, a very popular child many remember.  Charmingly illustrated by well known artist, L. Kate Deal. Stories also include, The North Wind, Johnny-Cake,  The Lambkin, and Three Billy Goats Gruff.  This book does not appear to have been used, there are no names, no marks, the pages are bright clean and crisp.  A gorgeous and very rare copy,  a rare nostalgic part of history and the beginning of the Dick and Jane series.  I did not get a photo of the Baby Ray story, if you would like to see this story, email me.

Stories & Condition

Modern Stories
Little Gustava
Who Took the Bird's Nest
The Mouse, the Cricket, the Bee
Bobbie's Yellow Chicken
The Go-to-Sleep Story
A Lullaby

Fables (Esop & Russian)
The Ant and the Dove
The Proud Leaves
The Dog and His Shadow
The Kite and the Butterfly
The Cat and the Fox
A Wish
Molly and the Pail of Milk
The Race
The Cock and the Fox

Our Country and Its Festivals
Thanksgiving in the Hen-House
The Christmas Fairy
Baby's Stocking
The Big Man and the Little Birds
Our Flag
The Parade on Washington's Birthday

Folk Tales
The Little Red Hen
The Lost Egg
The Goats in the Turnip Field
the Kind Cranes
The North Wind
What Does Little Birdie Say?
The Hen and the Squirrel
The Pine Tree and Its Needles
How Gosling Learned to Swim
I Don't Care
The Camel and the Pig
The Little Rooster
North Wind at Play
Three Billy Goats Gruff
The Little Plant
The Swing
The Sleeping Apple
Sweet Porridge
Mary and the Lark
The Hen Who Went to High Dover
Hansel's Coat
The Lambkin
The Clouds

Word List

NEAR MINT CONDITION - The covers are gorgeous with only very light edge rubbing to a few spots, shown in photos. Binding is excellent, and strong. No names, no school stamps, no markings at all to this book. The pages are bright and clean, no tears, no writing, no folds, no flaws and no page yellowing. Colors to the illustrations are very bright. No smells or molds. A rare and very charming antique children's collectible book.

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