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City Streets and Country Roads, a rare Seventh-day Adventist edition of "Streets and Roads" the 3rd grade Dick and Jane book. Designed for the 1st half of 3rd grade and gorgeously done, this rare book has beautiful watercolor covers and bright white pages.

Many stories are the same as Streets and Roads with the addition of a few new stories for the children attending Seventh-day Adventist Schools. This book was privately owned and is in Near Mint condition and is gorgeous throughout.


In the City
The Queer Noise
Baby-Sitting With Tommy
The Picnic Place
The Big, Long Honk
The Missionary Party
Lost and Found
Let's Trade

In the Country
Who Wants a Dog
Bread and Jam
The Meetings at Maple Grove
Finding a Friend
Benny's Trick
Frisky and the Prize
How Tom Went to the Pathfinder Fair
The Traveling Christmas Party

With Church Friends
The Little Preacher
Sally Ann's Magic Coin
Judy Hits Upon an Idea
Friends on Strawberry Road
Don Makes a Friend
Kind Ways Pay
Billy Shares His Faith
A Faith to Share

With Animal Friends
Lady and the Black Dog
Fluffytail and the Peanut Hunt
Chip, the Baby Chipmunk
Salt for the Deer
The Bears' Picnic
Ringtail, the Young Raccoon
Paddle Tail
Chuckle Makes a Friend

With New Friends
Ann's Puppy Sitter
Flying High
Judy's Haircut
Trap Jackson's Rocks
Money for Honey
Candles in the Sky
Bushman, the Brave
The Wolf Creek Puzzle
Mr. Glancy Tries to Help

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