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Dick and Jane® Books - their Authors & Creators
Dick and Jane Books

Dr. William S. Gray

Dr. William S. Gray (1885-1960), Professor of Education at the University of Chicago, also the well-known author of many Dick and Jane books. More than any single individual, Doctor William S. Gray has influenced the teaching of reading around the world, he was one of the leading reading acquisition theorists of the period.

Director of Research in Reading at the Graduate School of Education, University of Chicago; author of On Their Own in Reading and other professional books; Reading Director of the Curriculum Foundation Series; Scott, Foresman & Company.

His philosophy, his principles, and his keen insights into future needs in the teaching of reading were invaluable to the authors and editors throughout the long stages of planning and producing the first books in this edition of The New Basic Readers.

Dr. William Gray's enthusiasm for the content of these books and for the new teaching procedures suggested in the Guidebooks will continue to inspire his colleagues in the completion of a series that embodies his basic principles.

We are grateful to have had his guidance and counsel.



Doctor William S. Gray

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