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Dick and Jane® Books - their Authors & Creators
Dick and Jane Books

Hugh A. Foresman

See my very rare Hugh Foresman Biography, 1949,
signed by the "Ghost" - click here

Hugh Autin Foresman, born July 8, 1867, in a rural parsonage near Easton, Pennsylvania, educated at Blair Hall and Lafayette College, after a short career as teacher and textbook salesman joined with E. H. Scott in 1894 to found Scott, Foresman and Company.

When Mr. Erastus Scott pass away in 1928 Hugh Foresman became President of the company, an office he filled until in 1943 when he assumed his role of Chairman of the Board.

Hugh Foresman's contribution to the growth of Scott, Foresman and Company lay in the selling field, first as topflight salesman himself and second as expert coach of a winning agency team.

Scott, Foresman & Company
was founded in 1894

"As I look back over the history of this great program, today more extensive and more widely used than ever before, I am amazed to think how great a publishing venture grew out of a chance remark dropped more than forty years ago. At one time we had an arrangement by which we sold the Information Readers, published by Thompson and Brown, since they had no branch in the Middel West, and it was one day at a luncheon in the old Palmer House that a representative of Thompson and Brown said to Mr. Scott and me, "Someone ought to make a reader for the grammar grades."

Hugh Foresman


Hugh A. Foresman

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Hugh Foresman


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