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Dick and Jane® Books - their Authors & Creators
Dick and Jane Books

Erastus Howard Scott

Erastus Howard Scott, E. H. Scott, along with the Foresman brothers, Hugh A. Foresman and W.C. Foresman, founded Scott, Foresman and Company. E. H. Scott was President from 1896 until his death in 1928. His special interest was editorial, in making "books with ideas."

Scott, Foresman & Company Timeline

In 1889; Erastus H. Scott and A.J. Albert form Albert and Scott and publish Bellum Helvecticum, a high school Latin text.

In 1894; Hugh A. Foresman joins Scott forming Scott, Foresman and Company; Albert sells his interest in the business.

In 1909; Scott, Foresman & Company enters the elementary market with the Elson Grammar School Readers.

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Zerna Sharp

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Zerna A. Sharp
Hugh A. Foresman
E.H. Scott
William H. Elson
William S. Gray
May Hill Arbuthnot
A Sterl Artley
Marion Monroe


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