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My customers and visitors, the service I provide, and the quality of the merchandise I carry has always been my top priority. If you have any questions or are trying to find your treasured book, please contact me.


Launching as a virtual store in 2001, TagNwag Books actually began in 2000, and was designed to offer high quality harder-to-find popular Dick and Jane "See Spot Run" books and readers that many of us searched for, at affordable prices.

Since the launch of TagNwag I have been committed to making a positive difference in people's lives, and their children's. Helping to bring back wonderful childhood memories many of us have and helping children learn to read more effectively - it is my passion.

A simple yet vintage building.
One that holds a lot of charm and history.


Actually, I have many passions, centering around various kinds of art and vintage books, and my business.

TagNwag Difference

I hope you see the TagNwag difference from other virtual stores, large and small. High quality vintage Dick and Jane books, fast and secure shipping, items priced honestly, quick and responsive communication - before, during, and after ordering - and for all questions.

While visiting my site, I hope you enjoy the history and creator information I have spent years putting together on the Sally, Dick and Jane series.

As an antiquarian, retailer, and artist, I remain very particular about the books and merchandise I offer. While shopping with me, you can be certain that the item you order will be of high quality, packaged well, and shipped promptly.


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Thank you for visiting -- please contact me if I can help your search.

Inquiries are always welcome and are appreciated.

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