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DICK and JANE "See Spot Run" Books

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We do not appraise books to determine retail selling prices for you. If you have books for sale, we may offer to purchase them, and always at 'wholesale prices' normally between 1/4 to 1/2 of retail price. Our offers should in no way be construed as an appraisal, or insult.

For book value information, please visit this in-depth website.
Children's Picturebook Price Guide  Click here

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Copyright Questions

All text, images, illustrations, and items we list 'for sale' are  under active and live copyrights and trademarks, owned by the respected owner, photographer and publisher. These copyrights and trademarks are protected and actively enforced.  No images, text, stories, or photos or any item may be copied or reproduced by anyone or any company without "written" permission from us and/or the publishers. Please do infringe on the works of others, or myself, and contact the publishers to obtain legal permission. 

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Dick and Jane Copyright Info

All "Sally, Dick, and Jane, Spot and Puff" images, text, book cover images, and, any part of, from the original vintage Dick and Jane series are owned by Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers, Inc. and are still copyright protected with Active and Live copyrights.
Dick and Jane®
is a registered trademark of Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers, Inc.
Questions regarding the use of any or all of the Dick and Jane® images should be made by clicking here or contacting them at: http://www.aw.com/contact us

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Can I read your Privacy & Copyright Information?

You bet, click here to read both our Privacy Statement and our Copyright Statement.

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please contact me so your questions are answered, promptly.

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